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I've finally found a community full of people my age who won't make fun of me for my obsessing over old/dead men!  Take a deep breath, you're in for quite a dive:

I'm Ashley, 17 going on 18, in Ohio.  Let me give you all my long list of loves, more or less in order from #1:
Basil Rathbone: Must I give reasons?  The talent, the incredible looks... I often find myself drawing him when I have nothing better to do.  He is the PERFECT Holmes.  In looks, at least.   My favorite movies are the ones from the mid30s- Anna Karenina, Love from a Stranger (<3), Captain Blood
Craig Ferguson: Come on.  All Scottish guys are hot.  And he can sing, too.
Hector Berlioz: Ever heard of him?  19'th century composer with AMAZING hair.  He cried at the slightest emotion in music, and wrote AMAZING everythings.  Listen to Symphonie Fantastique
Harry James: The trumpet god.  I play trumpet, but don't want to anymore for a while after listening to him.  Good looking, too.  Watch him in Bathing Beauty...with Basil Rathbone!  2 for the price of 1.
Jeremy Brett: It's all been said, I think.  I read somewhere that he practiced his R's every day because of a speech problem that caused him to not be able to say them properly.  But before I read that, I commented on how beautiful they sounded.  I am known to rewind and turn up the volume just to hear him say something with an R in it.  Best Holmes scriptwise.
Vincent Price: piercing voice and looks, etc. etc.
Paul McCartney: Macca Lives.  There's a weakness in my heart for fellow lefty-guitarists.  Not many of us aren't converted to the dark side.  My favorite of the 4 Beatles
George Harrison: Best songwriter in his post-Beatles career.  My mentor/friend looked almost exactly like him when he was younger...
Sean Connery: he's Sean Connery.  SIR Sean Connory.
Robert Sean Leonard: Introduced to me in Swing Kids during German class last year
Hugh Laurie: Thank you Nancy, for getting me stuck on House. I've now moved on to Jeeves and Wooster, as well.
Rex Harrison: the voice.
Alan Rickman: He started this all.  My friend and I wrote letters to him back right after HP 1 came out, while he was still reply to fan mail with signed pictures.  HA!
Michael Crawford: number 2.  Begged and begged my mom to take me to NYC to see Dance of the Vampires.   She did!  I'll never forget that... we drove out from Ohio the last day before Thanksgiving break.  School was cancelled because of a level 3 snow emergency, but we went anyway.  The stage manager was going to let me go backstage and meet him and get things signed if I stayed for the evening show, too, but we couldn't, and he slept between shows so I lost the chance of a lifetime.  While in NY, I made sure to point out the theatre Alan was in the year before.
Eric Idle: Gotta love the Pythons.  He's my favorite.
Christopher Lee: there's a youtube clip of him singing about alcohol.  Yes, singing.
Peter Cushing: my first Holmes, but Basil has taken his place as the best.

pics, in above order

the one on the right....not lennon. sorry.

When I get around to taking pictures of them, I'll post my drawings of some of the above guys.

They sure don't make them like they used to.
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