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Modern Man Is Not For Me
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If you've ever found
that you like the sound
of someone who's far too old,
or is past their prime,
or is out of time,
or has a fine coating of mould,

If every day
you are heard to say
'they don't make 'em like that anymore',
or you think it's wrong
that Gable's long gone,
and you know you can't beat Dinah Shore,

If your mother says to you
'you don't like him, do you?'
and you blush and you look at the ground,
because he's twice her age,
but you get in a rage
If you hear someone putting him down.

If the girls of yesteryear
with elaborate hair
Make your lonely heart just want to burst,
if you're only fifteen,
but can always be seen,
with Alan Rickman in your purse,

If they're past their prime,
or of an other time,
they're old hat, but you're happy to lump it,
there's nothing more winsome
than an anachronism
Because you've got a thing for Burnt Crumpet.
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